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Hello & Welcome! I'm Fiona, it's nice to meet you!


Fiona Hinck Virtual Assistant

I am a State-Certified Foreign Language Secretary, Virtual Assistant, and Online Business Manager. I'm a graduate with a Bachelor's in Business Administration; I have gained 11 years of experience in operations, management, and customer support. I run several successful eCommerce businesses and know the importance of having happy customers and the power of an excellent ad copy.  

Since Covid-19 entered our lives in early 2020, most businesses have had to readjust and repurpose their initial vision to survive the unforeseen future. I was no different. I experienced a significant shift in my business that led me to remind myself how important it was to "help others." The experience made me realize my purpose and what I wanted my contribution to others. So, I have decided to simplify my business, diversify my service offering, and develop projects I'm passionate about. 

Why should you be overwhelmed with tasks that you can outsource? Hire me, and you'll have a native English speaker as well as someone fluent in German. If you click on the "click here to see how I can help..." button below, it will take you to a page where I have made an inventory of all of my skills, knowledge, and tools I have learned during my fruitful career. If any of these are what you need help with, send me an email and we'll get started.