Having been a solopreneur and small business owner myself for many years, I understand all of the above statements and have often contemplated them as well. I mostly understand the need to have someone you trust to represent your business in the way you would yourself.




You want someone not only with the experience and skills for the tasks but also someone who will be independent, a go-getter, a problem solver, and someone whose efforts help you grow your business.

Let me be that someone for your business...

We take care of the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture!


✓ We set up and organize all parts of your business
 We simplify your onboarding process for new clients and team members  
 We create operations, team, and client manuals
 We streamline processes at your business 
 We take care of meeting and appointment scheduling and management
 We proofread and copyedit your documents and content
 We do transcriptions of webinars, podcasts, or other audio 
 We set up calendar management solutions
✓ We help you research whatever you need, what the topic!   
✓ We help manage your customer relationships
✓ We put a personal, friendly “face” on your business
✓ We provide a VIP experience for clients
✓ We deliver expert-level customer service



      Transcription of Video and Audio Files
  •   Simple eBook Layout / Formatting
  •  Report Creation
  •   Forms Creation
  •   Document Template Creation
  •   Online Research
  •   Data Mining & Development / Lead Generation
  •   Blog Idea Development
  •   Blog Publishing Management
  •   Moderating Blog Comments
  •   Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts
  •   Voicemail Checking
  •   Sending Client Invoices
  •   Preparation of Training Materials



      Online client care (email, chat, social media)
  •   Offline client care (inbound/outbound sales, prospect calls, follow up calls, customer service, technical support calls)
  •   Virtual phone system setup and implementation
  •   Custom main and voicemail greeting creation and uploads
  •   Potential employee interviews/screenings

What are administrative services?

Business owners are busy. It sounds almost funny to put that plainly, but it’s very true. Running a business is hard work, especially if you’re going it alone. There are countless tasks, big and small, that fill every available hour in the day and beyond. You’d probably like to spend your days focusing on finding new customers, working on bigger projects, and all the other aspects of your work that inspired you to go into business for yourself. Unfortunately, the urgency of your endless little to-do list tasks and your overflowing inbox seem to eat up all your time and energy.

This is a common problem for all small business owners, but one that is easily fixed. You simply need more help! You need someone to handle all of the daily grind of your work, all of the little tasks that take up hours of your day. Many small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time assistant or other staff, but there is a perfect solution available that will help you regain your time and productivity: Hire a virtual assistant!

Why are administrative important?

If you dream of focusing on the areas of your business you actually enjoy or notice that parts of your business are falling through the cracks, it’s time to call in a virtual assistant to handle your administrative tasks. I offer a wide array of business services to help your business get stuff done.

Is your complex onboarding process scaring away clients? Let us streamline it and make get new customers into your system as fast and painlessly as possible! Is your daily schedule a disorganized disaster? Let us take care of organizing and maintaining it so your appointments and meetings are always in order! Worried that your professional documents might have tiny errors in spelling or grammar? Let us proofread and copyedit before you send them out!


If you have any small, repeated tasks on your to-do list that you don’t have to take care of personally, you can hand them over to a virtual assistant. When you partner with me, you’re placing your daily tasks in the hands of an experienced administrator who truly cares about the success of your business. Plus, partnering with a virtual assistant saves you tons of time, energy, and money in the long run, providing a solid foundation on which to build your business.


How can we help?

As the owner, you’re the driving force that pushes your small business forward. You just don’t have the time to handle everything. But once those annoying little tasks are out of the way, you can focus your talents on the parts of your business that nobody else can do. You have the expertise necessary to handle the challenging, rewarding side of running your business. With fewer interruptions during your day, you’ll get more accomplished, feel more productive, and have less stress. If you feel like you’re a low-level employee at your own business, hire a virtual assistant to start feeling like you’re the boss again!

 Ready to get started?